Ordinary Life and Contemplative Prayer

By |November 22, 2021|

So much of Orthodox Christian teaching emanates from monasteries. While every Christian should study these teachings, and strive to put them into practice, they nevertheless can leave householders with a feeling of despair. Often, when confronted with such teachings, non-monastics cannot help but to feel that their own lives are a second best, and that the ascetical feats of monks and nuns will always remain out of reach. Along with this comes the belief that they will never taste or touch the spiritual riches of noetic, contemplative prayer.

Taking Time to Pray

By |November 13, 2021|

For a householder to carve out time to pray is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of ascetical fortitude to steal a little time to do so. It takes a great deal of finagling and sacrifice, especially for other members of the family, to get away on retreat.

For This Purpose Was the Son of God Manifested

By |November 2, 2021|

If we understand sin merely to be a transgression of a divine law, salvation and forgiveness of sin would then merely entail a release from the demands of the law. Salvation would be an acquittal, an exoneration from punishment deserved. To a guilty humanity, among which no one is sinless, such an acquittal would indeed be good news. But is this the Good News of the Gospel?

Always a Disciple

By |August 22, 2021|

We live in a culture that is generally well read. Information and a massive array of factoids are at our fingertips. Despite having a great deal of knowledge about a great deal of things, the truth is that we still have very few masters of any given subject. What we have is a whole lot of dabblers. This situation deeply affects the Church and the Christian spiritual life. The Christian life ultimately is not about information. Rather, it is a way of being and perceiving, of rooting one’s life in the life of God. The early Christians referred to their faith as “the way.”