We will host a Sunday class on the fundamentals of the Christian faith and the early church. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the basic teachings of Christianity as understood and taught by the Apostles, scripture, and the early church writers and saints. This will include a study of the ecumenical church councils of the first eight centuries of the Christian era, including their canonical decrees that still govern and guide the Church today. The class will run on Sundays after our 10 am Sunday service, beginning on Sunday August 8. Classes will be ongoing thereafter. Participants can arrive at 10 for the service, or at 11:30 am for the class only. All participants must RSVP by calling 607-326-0052.


The class will follow a book called Know the Faith by the Rev. Michael Shanbour, which can be purchased from us at a discount. I (Fr. James Krueger) will facilitate the discussions. I am an Orthodox priest (ROCOR) with a master’s degree in Theological Studies with a focus on spiritual direction and Christian education in the early church. I also hold a certificate from a three-year program in Applied Orthodox Theology, again with a focus on the early church. The class is offered free of charge, and all are welcome to attend.